ISOFAR president Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann's message for the year 2022


Dear ISOFAR members and friends,

I am pleased to send you my 2022 annual message.

We at the ISOFAR headquarters continue to volunteer efforts to maintain organic networks and coordinate organic events.
After 2 years of global travel restrictions due to COViD-19, ISOFAR relaunched activities in 2022, with a focus on supporting regional and global Organic Farming research discussions and dissemination. These services, and the community that ISOFAR provides, are especially important for organic researchers who do not have an extensive network, or who operate on low financing.  This year we supported two in-person science events: in May an Izmir, Turkiye and in October an Goesan, Korea.

The Turkiye event was organized by The Mediterranean Organic Movement, who supported attendance of 20 scientists from all over the world to discuss next steps of Organic after the new EU regulation on Organic Farming (848/2018). At the event in Korea, the Korean government supported ISOFAR to develop and carrying-out five scientific workshops. Over 50 participants joined from nearly 30 countries world-wide met to discuss issues of “scaling-up Organic”, “Climate smart Organic”, “Organic Food Systems”, “Novel Food” and “Research in increasing productivity of Organic”. The proceedings and results can be found on our webpage ( The ISOFAR board of directors used the event to have our first in-person meeting in two years. It was a very emotional and joyous gathering.
Our Journal, Organic Agriculture is doing well. We have had sufficient numbers of papers submitted to produce regular and special issues, and the journal impact is increasing. In 2023, we expect the ISI impact of Clarivate (let us cross our fingers, as the procedure is complex). For 2023, we intend to produce a special issue from the workshops in Korea. We are still looking for interested and committed reviewers and editors for the journal. If you are interested, please contact us.

Coming activities for 2023 will be the launch of a call for the 8th ISOFAR scientific congress in 2024 in Tunisia. That is a rewarding and challenging job, and we encourage you to participate.

As an independent and non-profit organization, we are proud to be the only active and successful global network for Organic agricultural scientists. You make this possible, so we extend our greatest thanks and appreciation. I hope to see you all soon, at the very latest in Tunisia in 2024.

Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann
President of ISOFAR
December 2022